• On October 21st, 1995, Faculty of Tourism was established with the first two divisions: Division of Tourism Culture and Geography and Divsion of Tourism Economy and Professionalism.

  • In 2003, with the objective of training and nurturing high-quality human resources in the field of Tourism, the Faculty started the Master's program on Tourism.

  • In 2013, the Faculty founded the Division of Event Management.

  • In 2016, The Divsion of Tourism Economy and Professionalism was changed into Division of Tourism Management.

Prominent achievements

The Faculty of Tourism, USSH is the leading national institution that trains Tourism and Travel Services Administration. For over 20 years of development, the Faculty of has scored many achievements in training, research and international cooperation:

  • Trained nearly 3000 bachelors and 500 masters, many of whom hold different positions in businesses, government authorities, universities and research institutes.

  • Published 500 research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences. Up to now, one third of the members of the Faculty have written research articles for academic journals and conferences. The Faculty has also published 50 textbooks, lectures and monographs and chaired many research projects at different levels (including 12 at VNU level, 17 at USSH level, and 02 at City level).

  • Maintained relations and cooperation with over 30 international universities and organizations.

  • Received diplomas and certificates of merits from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the National Administration of Tourism, VNU, USSH for its excellent achievements.

Development orientation

Continuously expand cooperation and joint-training and research activities with domestic and international partners to adapt to the diverse development trends in training and research in Vietnam and the world.

Undergraduate training

Regular and dual-degree programs:

  • Tourism and Travel Services Administration

  • Hotel Management

Graduate training

  • Research-oriented Master's program on Tourism and Travel Services Administration

  • Doctoral program on Tourism (expected to start in 2018)

Short-term training

  • Professional courses for tour guides (1-2-3 months)

  • Training courses on government management, eco-tourism, community tourism, and presentation skills.

The Faculty has published a large number of materials:

  • 500 research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences. 

  • 50 textbooks, lectures and monographs and

  • 30 research projects at different levels (including 12 at VNU level, 17 at USSH level, and 02 at City level).

  • Hundreds of research papers at domestic and international conferences.

The Faculty's main research orientations are:

  • Evaluate the impact of tourism on Vietnam's socio-economy

  • Evaluate the situation and impact of eco-tourism on the destinations

  • Human resources management and administration in tourism

  • Examine and assess the organization and management of festivals and special events in tourism

  • Study different tourism forms: festival tourism, event tourism, MICE, creative tourism.

  • Study behaviors of typical groups of tourists

  • Develop trademarks for products and destinations

  • Study culinary tourism in Vietnam

  • Study the traditional cultural traits, customs, practices and festivals in tourism.

The Faculty has also organized several academic conferences

  • "MICE and tourism development in Vietnam"

  • Tourism research and training in Vietnam".

  • "Tourism, cuisine and management and business affairs".

  • "Event management - Training and employment realities in Vietnam".

  • "Tourism training at research universities".

  • The international conference on maritime tourism.

  • "Develop particular mechanisms and policies for tourism development in the Northwest".

  • "The issues in sustainable tourism in Southeast Asia".

Prominent joint projects

The Faculty always pays attention to cooperation with domestic and international partners, and develop these activities to support and promote the innovation and upgrading of its training and education quality. The projects include training activities (student and lecturer exchanges, the development of undergraduate and graduate programs, and field trips), research and international publication activities. Regarding training, the Faculty has participated in such projects as  DAAD “Sustainable Tourism” (2015-2017) with Greifswald University (Germany) to develop some programs at Master's level; the student exchange program with Guangxi University (China) (2015-2016); the annual short-term student exchange program with Rikkyo University (Japan); internship and career support programs for students such as the Summer Internship in RTC, and hotel professional training programs at 5-star hotels in Hanoi.

As for research, the Faculty has participated in co-holding the national conference "Mechanisms and policies for developing tourism in the Northwest" with the Vietnam Association of Folk Culture and Arts (2015); the publication of the book “Tourism and Monarchy in Southeast Asia” with Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and co-holding the international conference "Critical issues for sustainable development in Southeast Asia" with Greifswald University (Germany) and Hue University (November, 2018).

In 2016, the Faculty received 01 Japanese professor from Rikkyo University (Japan), who has supported its training and research activities.


Tourism-related international training institutions

  • Chiang Mai University (Thailand)

  • Rikkyo University (Japan)

  • Yamanashi Prefectural University (Japan)

  • Ritsumekan University (Japan)

  • Nagoya University (Japan)

  • Guangxi University (China)

  • Toulouse Le Mirial (France)

  • Greifswald University (Germany)

  • Tourism School, Munich Applied Technology University (Germany).

  • Kent University (United Kingdom)

  • Leeds Metropolitan University (United Kingdom).

Domestic tourism associations, organizations and businesses

  • Vietnam National Administration Tourism

  • Institute for Tourism Research and Development

  • Vietnam Tourism Association

  • Responsible Tourism Club

  • Hanoi Tourism