Changing the system for Vietnamese proficiency evaluation of foreign students

Wednesday - 04/06/2014 03:27
On May, 27th, 2014 the Vietnamese proficiency test for foreign students took place in University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University with the participation of 10 candidates from different countries such as Russia, Czech, Mozambique. It marked an important step in modernizing the testing and evaluation of Vietnamese proficiency of foreign students by Hanoi National University.
Changing the system for Vietnamese proficiency evaluation of foreign students
Changing the system for Vietnamese proficiency evaluation of foreign students

While previous Vietnamese proficiency tests were performed by conventional paper and pen method, this test was done via Internet and composed different sets of questions and answers. This method is able to cover all testing areas from elementary to intermediate level. It was an improvement of conventional testing method, providing more comprehensive and accurate assessment based on a detailed scoring system.

Mr. Đào Kiến Quốc – Vice President of Institute for Information Technology (VNU) said the online test helps students save time for travel, facilitates simultaneous performance of candidates from all over the world, and thus minimizes expenses. Also, it makes test creation and scoring more convenient and flexible. “The system is able to permute questions in a paper to reduce cheating”, said Đào Kiến Quốc.

This system is a result of efforts devoted by scientists, researchers and linguistics of VNU.

After the 120 – minute test, foreign candidates majoring Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese responded positively. Most of them expressed their interests in this new testing system. Maria (from Russia) said that: “I think this is a more convenient and novel system for candidates.  I prefer it over the conventional way.” Lada (Czech Republic) commented that: “The structure is easy to understand. I scored 70/100 and I am content with that result. This method precisely evaluates candidates’ proficiency”.

The Vietnamese proficiency test (VNTEST) is a software developed by a team based on the research No.QC.13.21 of Hanoi National University. The scoring follows the procedure of University of Social and Humanities based on the research No.QG.TĐ.13.17. It is still being developed and perfected.

Author: Thiên Bình

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