Press conference for the upcoming 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH

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On October 1st 2015, USSH, VNU held a press conference to prepare for the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of University of Social Sciences and Humanities. The conference gathered over 30 reporters from different press agencies.
Press conference for the upcoming 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH
Press conference for the upcoming 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH

Speaking at the conference, Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh (Rector) summarized the important milestones and notable achivements in the history of the University.

With its motto “constant maintenance and improvement of training quality is the common requirement and responsibility of all professors and scholars at the University”, USSH has always taken the training of high-qualified human resources as its goal. The University currently has 24 undergraduate majors, 06 advanced majors and 129 dual majors.

Postgraduate training has developed in both quantity and quality, especially the number of doctorate candidates and foreign students. Annually, USSH trains over 150 research fellows, including 20 foreign ones. The number of postgraduates account for 37% of regular students.

Research activities of the University have extensively developed. What is worth noting is the number of research projects at State level, which is 22 in the period of 2009-2015, not to mention 08 projects that belong to the compilation of Vietnamese history, 01 on History of the Government and 02 that belong to the Northeast Science and Technology Program currently defended and waiting for approval in 2015.

International cooperation has also seen considerable achivements. International programs not only help improve training and research quality but increase the University’s status. USSH has attracted and diversified external sources for development. Until now, the University has signed 200 agreements with foreign universities and international organizations such as Princeton University, San José State University, Utah University (America), Tokyo University (Japan), Moscow National General University (Russia) and Nanyang University (Singapore).

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh summarizes the achivements of the University 

Recognizing that high-quality and skilled human resources are a key and strategic aspect of the development of a university, USSH has issued the program Improvement of the quality of personnel towards international standards. The University currently has 351/370 lecturers that hold postgraduate degrees (94.4%), including 199 doctors (53.8%), 6 Professors and 91 Assoc. Professors (26.2%), 100 PhD candidates and 11 Master candidates. Apart from permanent staff, the University also recruits 131 visiting lecturers, including 11 Professors, 54 Assoc. Prof. Drs, 46 doctors and some foreign professors.

The Q&A session commenced right after the opening speech of the Rector.

Reporter Bich Huong (Hanoi Broadcasting Station) asked: “How does the University help students connect academic knowledge and social activities, when social sciences and humanities are currently a hot issue among public opinion?”

Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH) answered: Not only focusing on improving training quality, the University regularly holds extra-curricular activities for students, especially those that are related to their majors. The Student’s Union and Student’s Association have founded many student clubs and communal groups such as the social work club, blood donation club and team of social and historical liason officers.

These clubs and groups help students apply their knowledge on practical activities such as using sociological know-how in social works and combining tourism, psychology, international relations to introduce Vietnamese cultural and historical values to foreigners. In addition, these activities help promote the image of USSH.

Reporter Bich Huong poses a question to the Board of Leaders of USSH

Journalist Xuan Ky (People Newspaper) asked: How has the University maintained its leading position and reputation on social sciences and humanities in the context of educational competition and reduced interest in social sciences and humanities among the youth?

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh (Rector of USSH) answered: As the country develops, social sciences and humanities gain increasing importance. In the future, the national project of industrialization and modernization will require more human resources in these sciences. To fulfill this end, the University has proposed many strategic policies to adapt its training to social requirements. In particular:

  1. Adjust the admission system to attract more all-rounded students by introducing a new entrance examination – the competence evaluation exam.   
  2. Focus on quality rather than quantity. This is an important aspect of the training and nurturing of students during their study.
  3. Elevate the depth of training by changing the regular system to a credit-based system; transform training and evaluation methods to improve students’ proactiveness and enthusiasm.
  4. Focus on postgraduate training. Facilitate students to enroll in postgraduate programs and attract more students from other domestic and foreign universities to produce more high-quality human resources.
  5. Continue to promote 6 advanced programs, from where many excellents students have come.
  6. Develop more scholarships for students. Currently, the University provides 6 billion VNDs of scholarship.
  7. Consolidate the Student’s Association and Youth's Union. Students can join in social activities and contribute to their country through these organizations.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh answers reporters in sideline interviews 

Reporter Ha Trang (Labor newspaper) asked: How does the University inform students about the connection between its international programs and its training-career orientation programs? How has the university utilized its external relations:

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh answered: The ensurance of employment opportunities depends first and foremost on each student. Students themselves have to nurture their capacity through their study to find a suitable career.

However, the University also takes advantage of cooperative relations with its external partners to support students such as by connecting with businesses and organizations to create job opportunities for them. Annually the University holds a job fair to help students accesss potential job opportunities. In addition, it provides financial resources for students through Toshiba, Chungsoo, AEON scholarships, postgraduate fellowships or foreign programs that allow them to travel abroad.

To conclude the press conference, reporters were also informed about the series of events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH:

  • On October 3rd 2015: Sports and performances of students and staff.
  • On October 6th 2015: Grand Ceremony celebrating the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH at My Dinh National Convention Center.
  • On October 7th 2015: Forum of Rectors of Universities around the Red River basin and International Conference on improving training and reseach cooperation.

Author: Dinh Hau

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