The state of economic information in journals and communications

Wednesday - 16/04/2014 06:13
On May 29th 2013, the Faculty of Journalism and Communication (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi) cooperated with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany) to hold an international seminar entitled “Models of economic journals in Germany and Vietnam: The state of economic information in journals and communications”. The meeting aimed at clarifying the facts of economic journals in Vietnam and German, sharing experiences in developing economic journals, and editing and presenting economic news.
The state of economic information in journals and communications
The state of economic information in journals and communications

Many famous journalists and media experts such as Miriam Viola Von Wrochem (German Government's Committee on Cultural and Media Affairs), Dr. Tran Ngoc Chau (FBNC General Director), and Dr. Dang Duc Long (Vice Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Financial Times) at the seminar.

Speaker Miriam Viola von Wrochem discussed about the economic context of German and Europe as shown in German journals, and the role of Office for Information and Journalism in German in helping journalists search policy information and statistics related to national economic issues. The discussion made an important remark that “to have a professional and developed journalism, there needs to be a formal, professional and clear source of information provided by the government”.

   Speaker Miriam Viola von Wrochem presented the first paper

Prof. Dang Duc Long made a persuasive and attractive presentation on the challenges faced by economic journals in Vietnam during integration. The author stated that along with Vietnam's national development during Doi Moi and the era of integration, economic information gets the largest share in every type of journals, including all print, graphical, oral and electronic journals. Economic journalism in Vietnam had made many achivements to affirm its position and meet social demands. However, it is necessary to reconsider information quality and the professionalism of economic journalists. He also emphasized three most important characteristics of economic news: accuracy, publicity and objectivity. An economic journalist needs stable economic knowledge, professional skills and ethics to report, edit and publish objective information.
Dr. Tran Ngoc Chau discussed the realistic and most useful experiences in building and successfully developing an economic and financial channel in Vietnam via socialization. To be successful and to create its own brand, FBNC has to apply these principles: necessity, accuracy, seriousness and respect for values.
Mr. Si Hoang (Vietnam Financial Times) shared his own experiences in self-cultivation and self-growth to become a professional economic journalist. He also emphasized students majoring Journalism and Communication would have great competence in the field of economic and financial information.
In addition, an issue discussed a lot at the workshop was the method of training good experts in economic journalism. Since 2012, to meet journalistic demands, Faculty of Journalism and Communication has even recruited students specializing in natural sciences. Besides, the Faculty has also offered some solutions such as allowing students to work with economic experts and training with professional economic journalists, extending cooperation with economic and financial universities and companies, banks and corporations to improve students' knowledge and experiences; organizing workshops on economics for media practitioners and students; and publishing economic books, radio and television programs made by students, etc...


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