10 notable achievements in the academic year 2013-2014

Wednesday - 03/09/2014 04:39
In the year 2013-2014, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) continued its progress in developing a research University, making the training and research quality become more internationally-standardized. This showed that USSH made stable developments in training, research, international cooperation, personnel development and infrastructure improvement, etc.
10 notable achievements in the academic year 2013-2014
10 notable achievements in the academic year 2013-2014
  1. Completed the Overall Plan of training programs and majors until 2020. Accordingly, by 2020, the University will have had 38 master programs and 32 PhD programs. Based on the particular social requirement and training capacity of each department, the Plan put forth a procedure to develop new training programs and majors to serve the proper and sustainable development of USSH in the future.
  2. Opened 01 new program and 02 new majors: the Office Management training program would be opened in 2014; the High-quality Bachelor program of Psychology was opened for the first time; two new PhD programs were created, namely International Relations and Anthropology. USSH continued to prove its pioneering role by opening new programs and majors to serve diverse requirements. Up to now, USSH has had 22 bachelor program, 57 master and PhD programs.
  3. The number of PhD fellows admitted doubled. By retaining the scale of Undergraduate training and enlarging that of Postgraduate training, USSH was gradually transforming into a research university, improving the amount of research activities, strengthening the connection between training and research. There are currently 300 PhD fellows in the University.
  4. The number of large-scale projects increased with 14 researches at State level, 17 level sponsored by Nafosted, 03 projects at Hanoi City level. Staff members of the university received awards at many levels, including 05 Awards for excellent Books, 02 Awards strong Research groups at VNU level.
  5. The number of internationally-published papers doubled. In the year of 2013-2014, staff members of the University published 44 papers in foreign journals, doubling that of the previous years (23 papers), including 05 papers published on the journals belonging to Scopus system.
  6. 28 conferences and seminars were held, including 19 international ones with the participation of prestigious partners and scholars inside and outside the country, thus improved the status of USSH. Some recognized conferences included “Vietnam in the world history”, “60 years of Vietnam-France-EU”, “The New Landscape of Peace Operation: A dialogue with Southeast Asia and Vietnam”, “From Dien Bien Phu to Geneva, an international perspective”, etc.
  7. In-depth international cooperation was promoted by the signing and extension of 20 memoranda of cooperation with prestigious partners such as Inha University (Korea), Glasgow University (UK), Adelaide University, etc. raising the total number of international memoranda to 199.
  8. Staff members saw rapid developments: 17 staff members successfully defended their dissertations, 08 lecturers were appointed Assoc.Professors and Professors. The number of lecturers completing their Postgraduate programs was 329/365 (accounting for 90%), including 181 PhDs (50%), 06 Professors and 84 Assoc.Professors (25%). Also, the Plan for the development of high-quality scientists and managers until 2020, vision for 2030 was completed, paving way for the cultivation of standardized staff members.
  9. Evaluation for the bachelor program of Linguistics according to AUN standard was completed. With this event, USSH once again made progress in the evaluation of lectures and training accreditation based on regional and international standards.
  10. Working and study facilities were improved. In this academic year, USSH finished upgrading the A block, improving the M block; and also began its 2nd phase of upgrading the equipments for Center for Media Practice as well as other rooms and offices. 

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