Strengthen cooperation with Japanese partners in training human resources in the tourism industry

Thursday - 25/05/2023 04:51
On May 24, 2023, Rector Hoang Anh Tuan hosted a meeting with the JICA Representative Mission in Hanoi and Southeast Asia led by Mr. Tsuchimoto Amane (Representative of the JICA Office in Vietnam) as the delegation leader. Attending the meeting were Mr. Watanabe Rin - Deputy Director of the Southeast Asia Office in charge of Vietnam, Mr. Hatanaka Motoki - Southeast Asia Office in charge of Vietnam, Ms. Sasa Yuko - Chief Advisor, Consulting Company OCG, Mr. Ueno Shota - OCG Consulting Company.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tsuchimoto Amane thanked for the respectful and cordial welcome of the University to the delegation. He shared: During many working sessions between the President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, and Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor of the Japan-Vietnam Parliamentary Union, the two sides exchanged and shared many ideas for joint cooperation. VNU-affiliated units, for example, the establishment of the Center for Japanese Culture, Language and Technology; developing human resources in the fields related to Nursing, Tourism, and Culture,... To realize the exchanged contents, as well as promote and implement those ideas, the JICA Representative in Hanoi and the region would like to meet and discuss directly with the University and leaders of the Faculty of Tourism about cooperation plans in the near future.
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Mr. Tsuchimoto Amane – a Representative of the JICA Office in Vietnam looked forward to hearing from the Board of Directors and experts on tourism studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Rector Hoang Anh Tuan supported and appreciated the idea of establishing the Center for Japanese Culture, Language, and Technology at Vietnam Japan University, with the main activity of organizing training courses on the Japanese language and culture, counseling, career orientation for students in the fields of tourism, nursing, technology, etc. Currently, at Hanoi National University, the Faculty of Tourism Studies of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities is the only unit that provides training with a methodical, good-quality study of Tourism. When the Center for Japanese Culture, Language and Technology is officially established, the School Board will commit to supporting and promoting the cooperation between the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) and the Center in teaching Japanese as well as training the tourism workforce.
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Rector Hoang Anh Tuan spoke at the reception of the JICA delegation at the meeting in the USSH
Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Pham Hong Long briefly introduced the establishment process, the training program of the Faculty of Tourism Studies as well as some contents that the two sides can cooperate. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Long shared: The Faculty of Tourism Studies of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities was the first institution in Vietnam to train in tourism at all three levels from bachelor, master to doctorate. Every year, the Faculty enrolls about 200 students in two majors Tourism and Travel Service Management and Hotel Management. With the knowledge and skills training at the University as well as the good ability in foreign languages, graduates have very wide career opportunities: continuing to study at a higher level in the country or abroad; working at centers, research institutes, government agencies, tourism management ministries, or companies, private enterprises, joint ventures, foreign countries in the field of tourism and travel. Every year, the Faculty of Tourism conducts very effective cooperation activities in exchanging students and lecturers, organizing short courses, or accepting students to practice and practice with many universities, schools, and educational institutions in the world and in the region, including a number of schools in Japan.
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Faculty students, during their studies as well as after graduation, have the desire to study and work in universities and enterprises in Japan, both to improve their income levels and to have the opportunity to exchange, study abroad, and improve their foreign language. However, at present, the majority of students still do not meet the requirements for Japanese language proficiency because, during their study at the Faculty, they mainly use English. Therefore, through the connecting role of the JICA Office in Vietnam, the University and the Faculty of Tourism hope to cooperate with many Japanese partners in teaching Japanese as well as training in the field of tourism.
Delegates participating in the JICA mission exchanged and proposed a number of contents that the two sides can cooperate on organizing Japanese language classes and linking and cooperating with companies and enterprises in Japan, or Japanese enterprises in Vietnam to support skills training for students, connect so that many students have the opportunity to study and improve their qualifications in Japan.
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Author: Hạnh Quỳnh - USSH Media. Translator: Đại Hữu

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