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The Faculty's staff and faculty value academicality, applicability and internationalization, and are effectively recognized through their research, training and international cooperation activities.

With professional diversity, good command of foreign languages, abundant knowledge of the global and Vietnam's practical contexts, the Faculty's staff are the first to study many academic, inter-disciplinary and practical issues.  

The Faculty's main research orientations are:

  • History of Anthropology

  • Anthropology of ethnic groups, issues concerning ethnic cultures, ethnic relations and policies.

  • Political anthropology

  • Urban anthropology

  • Gender anthropology

  • Developmental anthropology

  • Economic anthropology

  • Environmental anthropology

  • Visual anthropology

  • Artistic anthropology

  • Linguistic and writing anthropology

  • Anthropology of cultural heritage and preservation

The Faculty's lecturers have chaired and participated in many research projects at State and VNU levels dealing with ethnicity, land, livelihood, civil immigration, and cultural preservation and promotion in Vietnam and the region.

By constructing and nurturing a professional, dynamic, open and creative academic environment, many valuable research projects have been published by the Faculty in Vietnam and overseas. In the recent 4 years, a series of reference books and monographs have been published in both Vietnamese and English:

  • Multiple authors (2014), Một số vấn đề về lịch sử và lý thuyết nhân học (Some issues on the anthropology's history and theories), Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Dinh Hong Hai (2014), Nghiên cứu biểu tượng: Một số hướng tiếp cận lý thuyết (Study of symbols: A number of theoretical approaches), World Publisher.

  • Nguyen Van Suu (2014), Công nghiệp hóa, đô thị hóa và biến đổi sinh kế ở ven đô Hà Nội (Industrialization, urbanization and livelihood transformations at peri-urban areas in Hanoi), Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Multiple authors (2015), Nhân học phát triển: Lịch sử, lý thuyết và công cụ thực hành (Developmental anthropology: History, theory and practical tools), Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Nguyen Truong Giang (2015), Ruộng bậc thang ở Việt Nam: Bảo tồn và phát triển bền vững (Terraces in Vietnam: Preservation and sustainable development), Chinh tri Quoc gia Publisher.

  • Pham Quang Minh, Nguyen Van Suu, Ien Ang, Gay Hawkins (2016), Toàn cầu hóa và biến đổi đô thị ở Việt Nam đương đại (Globalization and urban transformation in contemporary Vietnam), Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Pham Quang Minh, Nguyen Van Suu, Ien Ang, Gay Hawkins (2016), Globalization, Modernity and Urban Change in Asian Cities. Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Nguyen Van Suu, Nguyen Van Huy, Lam Ba Nam, Vuong Xuan Tinh (2016), Nhân học ở Việt Nam: Một số vấn đề lịch sử, nghiên cứu và đào tạo  (Anthropology in Vietnam: Some historical, research and training issues), Tri thuc Publisher.

  • Lam Minh Chau (2017), Đổi mới, kinh tế thị trường và hiện đại hóa (Innovation, market economy and modernization), Hanoi Publisher.

The Faculty's research findings have been used to train students at undergraduate and graduate levels, advise government agencies and international orgnizations in solving many issues arising from the realities in many areas in Vietnam, especially mountainous and remote areas where minorities reside.

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