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The Faculty of Archival Studies and Office Management, formerly the Division of Archival Studies, was formed in 1967 as part of Facutly of History, Hanoi General University.

In 1996, as demands for human resources in the field of archives and office management rose, the Division was developed into the Faculty of Archives and Archival Studies of USSH, VNU Hanoi.

In 1997, the Faculty was renamed Faculty of Archival Studies and Office Management.


With its rich history of development, the Faculty strives to become the leading unit in researching and teaching archival studies and office management in Vietnam.

Prominent achievements

  • For over half a century, the Faculty has trained and produced thousands of staff at both undergraduate and graduate levels specializing in Archival Studies and Office Management.

  • Chaired and participated in 60 research projects at different levels; compiled 54 monographs, textbooks, and lectures; published over 500 articles and papers on domestic and foreign journals and conferences. The research findings are being effectively used in teaching and advising government authorities on developing and issuing regulatory documents on archives.

Development orientations

  • Until 2020 and 2030, continue to be Vietnam's pioneering and leading in training high-quality human resources in the field of archives and office management.

  • Be the first in synthesizing theoretical and practical knowledge and creating new knowledge to meet the increasing demands in the field of archives and office management.

  • Stabilize and develop the activities of the divisions; standardize all of the staff starting from the Doctors.

  • Strive to become a prestigious and efficient agent of international cooperation in archival studies and office management.

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