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In 1996, on the basis of the Division of Linguistics of Faculty of Literature, Hanoi General University (1956-1996); the Faculty of Linguistics, USSH, VNU Hanoi was established. It was the first in Vietnam training Linguistics as an independent discipline. Its functions and missions focus on training high-quality human resources specializing in linguistics, Vietnamese language studies, Vietnamese culture and the languages of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian ethnic groups.

The Faculty of Linguistics has been ensuring its status and importance as one of USSH's leading basic disciplines and its role in training linguistics and Vietnamese language among other higher education instutitions in Vietnam. 


The Faculty of Linguistics is one of the oldest faculties of USSH, VNU Hanoi, and a prestigious institution nationwide in studying and training human resources specializing in Linguistics. Its mission is training high-quality human resources, promoting the interest in linguistics, the languages of Vietnamese ethnic groups, applied linguistics (sign language, academic language, medical language, legal linguistics, gestural linguistics), Vietnamese language, comparative linguistics, Vietnamese language for foreigners, etc.  

Prominent achievements

For over 60 years, the Faculty of Linguistics has trained around 25,000 Vietnamese and international students, masters, doctors, and interns. The number of international students studying at the Faculty is always the largest at USSH. Many among the Vietnamese graduates have become senior leaders in the Vietnam's Party, State and social organizations. Many international graduates have been holding important positions within government bodies and research and education institutions in their own countries.  

In the recent 5 years of admission (2012-2017), the Faculty's admission scores have always been the highest at USSH, VNU. This is thanks to the Faculty's exprienced, dynamic and professional lecturers and researchers. The Faculty has developed many training programs of regional and international standard at all three levels (bachelor's, master's and doctoral). 90% of the Faculty's graduates are able to find their suitable employments.

Thanks to its excellent achievements in training and research activities, the Faculty has been granted Labor Medal of the third Order (2001) and Labor Medal of the second Order (2006). Many of its staff have also received prestigious awards and titles: 01 Ho Chi Minh Award for Science and Technology (Prof. Dr Nguyen Tai Can), 05 State Awards for Science and Technology (Assoc. Prof. Phan Ngoc, Assoc. Prof Nguyen Kim Than, Prof. Dr Hoang Thi Chau, Prof. Dr Nguyen Thien Giap, Prof. Dr Doan Thien Thuat).

Development orientations

  • Expand the scope of training and research activities on the basis of specialization and trans-disciplinarity.

  • Consolidate and modernize the Faculty's traditional spealties.

  • Promote internationalization especially in international cooperation and publications.

  • Develop new specialized programs that feature both research and training orientations.

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