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Tuesday - 31/07/2018 23:10

The Faculty is enjoying cooperation with foreign organizations and institutes such as:

  • The Korea, Japan, India and Iran embassies to Vietnam.

  • Organizations such as Korea Foundation, Japan Foundation, Toshiba International Foundation, KOICA, JICA, One Asia Foundation.

  • International universities such as Tokyo University, Senshu University, Showa Women's University, Nara Women's University (Japan), Seoul University (South Korea), Beijing University (China), NUS, Thamasat University, Rajabhat Phranakhon University (Thailand).

The Faculty's international relations are reflected in the projects that provide scholarships at different levels and of different durations for overseas undergraduates and gradutates such as with National University of Singapore, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mysore University, Delhi University, Calcutta University of India; Chulalongkorn University of Thailand; Taiwan Traffic University, Dong Hua University, Taiwan's Cheng Kung University; Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Inha University, Yongnam University, Sookmyung University, Korean Traditional University of Culture; Tokyo University, Senshu University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Nara Women's University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Osaka University of Economics and Law, Fukuoka Women's University, Kanazawa University of Japan.

Regarding training affairs, the Faculty has always collaborated with foreign organizations to hold many training projects. It has been receiving voluntary teachers from JICA (Japan), KOICA (South Korea), and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. Its Division of Korean Studies cooperates with the Korea Foundation and Seoul University to develop a standard collection of textbooks for the major. With the sponsorship by Japan Foundation and Toshiba International Foundation, the Division of Japanese Studies is developing such programs as "Specialized lectures for Japanese Studies", "Exchanges among students majoring Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia and Japan", "Cooperation in Japanese Studies with European and American universities". The Division is also carrying out the Project for Assisting the principal Japanese Studies institute with the support from Tokyo University.

In addition, the Faculty collaborates with the Iranian Embassy to Vietnam to hold Persian language courses for students interested in this language. To improve its international exchanges and cooperation, the Faculty has been teaching Vietnamese language, history and culture for Thai students, and sending its students to international conferences inside and outside Vietnam.

The Faculty has also invited foreign professors to teach undergraduates and graduates (a lecture under the sponsorship of One Asia Foundation, a lecture on the hot issues in the Middle East, a series of seminars on Korean Studies sponsored by Korea Foundation, and lectures on traditional, early-modern and modern Japan for master's candidates); e-meeting study in collaboration with Tokyo University (Japan).

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