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The Faculty of Political Science was established on September, 27th, 2011 on the basis of the Division of Political Science (founded on October 24th, 1995). In 2005, the Faculty was authorized by USSH and VNU to launch Master's and Doctoral programs on Politican Science and Ho Chi Minh Studies. In 2008, the Faculty started its bachelor's program on Political Science. In 2012, the first batch of students graduated from the Faculty.


The Faculty of Political Science is tasked with disseminating knowledge to meet the societal requirements for practitioners specializing in Political Science, who are able to handle both theoretical and practical tasks and perform activities requiring in-depth knowledge of Political Science. The Faculty is going to develop into a high-quality research and training unit.

Prominent achievements

Until now, the Faculty has trained over 300 masters, 50 research fellows, 545 undergraduates; held 10 courses for Lecturers on Ho Chi Minh ideology, with 500 graduates so far, most of whom are lecturers of universities and colleges in Vietnam. Its graduate and short-term courses are held not only in Hanoi but also many other provinces and areas in Vietnam. The human resources trained at the Faculty prove to be adequate to meet societal needs.

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