Research activities

Tuesday - 31/07/2018 23:10

The Faculty has published a large number of materials:

  • 500 research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences. 

  • 50 textbooks, lectures and monographs and

  • 30 research projects at different levels (including 12 at VNU level, 17 at USSH level, and 02 at City level).

  • Hundreds of research papers at domestic and international conferences.

The Faculty's main research orientations are:

  • Evaluate the impact of tourism on Vietnam's socio-economy

  • Evaluate the situation and impact of eco-tourism on the destinations

  • Human resources management and administration in tourism

  • Examine and assess the organization and management of festivals and special events in tourism

  • Study different tourism forms: festival tourism, event tourism, MICE, creative tourism.

  • Study behaviors of typical groups of tourists

  • Develop trademarks for products and destinations

  • Study culinary tourism in Vietnam

  • Study the traditional cultural traits, customs, practices and festivals in tourism.

The Faculty has also organized several academic conferences

  • "MICE and tourism development in Vietnam"

  • Tourism research and training in Vietnam".

  • "Tourism, cuisine and management and business affairs".

  • "Event management - Training and employment realities in Vietnam".

  • "Tourism training at research universities".

  • The international conference on maritime tourism.

  • "Develop particular mechanisms and policies for tourism development in the Northwest".

  • "The issues in sustainable tourism in Southeast Asia".

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