Argentina and Vietnam share similarities in maritime issues

Thursday - 03/12/2015 03:10
On December 1st 2015, the Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam and ambassadors of other South American countries had a talk with the lecturers and students of the Faculty of International Studies, USSH on “Argentina’s foreign policy and cooperation with South American countries”, in which the issue of “Malvinas islands” received the most intense discussions.
Argentina and Vietnam share similarities in maritime issues
Argentina and Vietnam share similarities in maritime issues

 Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh delivers his opening speech

Participants in the talk included Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH), Mr. Claudio Gutierrez (Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Vietnam), Mr. Juan Pablo Volken (Argentine Embassy's Head of Consular Section), Mariano Saravia – Argentine Journalists; representatives of the Embassies of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba to Vietnam and the lecturers and students of Faculty of International Studies.  

In his opening remarks, Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh said Argentina and other South American countries share similarities with Vietnam: “Argentina and South America are distant from Vietnam but today geographical distance has been reduced as the Argentine and other South American people are introduced to Vietnam. I also think Vietnam and South American countries share many similarities as seen in the people’s daily life, the revolutions or independence wars. This is important. The meeting today is going to provide many information and knowledge for our students as well as lecturers”.


Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam presents about Argentina’s foreign policy on “the issue of Malvinas islands”

In addition to the introduction about Argentina and Argentine people, Ambassador Gutierrez and Mr. Juan P. Volken also talked about Argentina’s foreign policy with an emphasis on the “Issue of Malvinas islands”, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and its surrounding maritime area. Annual disputes have been present in this area. This issue was for many participants related to the “Disputes over the Spratly and Paracel islands” between Vietnam and China. Many opinions were raised following the Ambassador’s presentation.

Dr. Vu Anh Thu (Faculty of International Studies) asked: “The disputes in Malvinas islands reminds of how China occupied the Spratly and Paracel islands. Argentina has raised this question to the UN. How are the disputes still going on although Argentina has plenty of supporting evidence? Why has Argentina filed a suit to the International Court?"

Lecturer Nguyen Van Dap (Faculty of International Studies) also raised a question: “Does the recent replacement of Argentina’s president have any implications for Argentina’s political lines and foreign policies in the future?”

Juan Pablo Volken answered the questions from the audiences 

The questions were answered. Argentina would continue to raise this issue to the International Court and United Nations. At the same time, this discussion is also a chance for Argentina to discuss with Vietnam about similar ongoing maritime disputes. Reporter Mariano Saravia later talked about the results of international cooperation in South American countries in which Brazil and Argentina were the most typical examples. 

Author: Hieu Luong

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