Ambassador Imanov introduces Azerbaijan to USSH’s students

Friday - 30/10/2015 02:49
On October 19th, Mr. Anar Imanov (Republic of Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Vietnam) met with leaders and students of University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH). He wanted students of USSH to have more knowledge about Azerbaijan and tighten its bilateral relations with Vietnam.
Ambassador Imanov introduces Azerbaijan to USSH’s students
Ambassador Imanov introduces Azerbaijan to USSH’s students

To open the meeting Ambassador Imanov posed the question "Would you like to be ambassador of Vietnam?” He said: "In the age of globalization, you need to learn at least one foreign language. In Azerbaijan-our country, if you do not know another language you find it very difficult to find a good job ".

To commemorate the relationship between Azerbaijan's embassy and USSH, Ambassador Imanov chose the 24th anniversary of independence (October 18th 1991 – October 18th 2015) to present the history of Azerbaijan and its people to USSH’s students.

Fully immersed into the presentation, Ambassador Imanov said Azerbaijan and Vietnam share many similarities as they suffered many wars, and the people resolutely stood up after difficult challenges to gain national independence and development.

Besides, he noted that there were two events marking the bilateral relations. First was the visit of President Ho Chi Minh to Azerbaijan in 1959 to call for the help in the area of petroleum science and technology. Second, President Heydar Aliyev visited to Vietnam in 1983 to help strengthen that relationship until today.

Mr. Anar Imanov (left) and Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH)

Personally, Mr. Imanov admires the great leader of the people of Vietnam: "You are lucky to have a leader like Ho Chi Minh. Personally I admire him. Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam have led your country towards unification, standing up against colonialism and imperialism throughout the world”.

Besides the presentation, Mr. Imanov also had the students watch short films about the food, people, and country of Azerbaijan. He also donated a book that introduced about the country’s cuisines, saying that "if one day you can cook an Azerbaijani cuisine, it is an honor for us".

The Azerbaijan embassy to Vietnam is developing a project on the history and development of its country. At the same time, Ambassador Imanov confirmed that he will support and provide Vietnamese students with the opportunity to study in the country in southeastern Europe.

Author: Hieu Luong

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