Launching the course "Understanding the Asian community"

Thursday - 18/10/2018 03:07
The course "Understanding the Asian community" started on October 13th, 2018 at USSH with the sponsorship from One Asia Foundation.

The course is held annually under the framework of cooperation between USSH and One Asia Foundation since 2013. It is aimed at providing USSH's students knowledge of the Asian community in the economic, political, social and security areas. The lecturers in this course are leading professors from Vietnam's and foreign universities.

After the opening ceremony, the students listened to the first lecture given by Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (USSH's Rector), which spoke of the importance of science and technology as the leading engine for every nation's development. It is scientific and technological development that dictates the development of a country, not its size, population nor traditions.

In addition, to be developed a nation has to pay attention to the reduction of poverty and inequality. If inequality persists social trust will decrease, causing social unrest. The speaker also argued scientific and technological development has its side effects when it is used for purposes other than development such as the weapons of mass destruction or the anti-humanistic medical interventions.

How are science and technology supposed to be used for development? The role and responsibility of universities are extremely important as they nurture and grow a country's talents and contribute to developing human intellect to the fullest. 

The speaker also spent a good deal of time speaking of the valuable world heritage in Vietnam and highlighting the need for preserving, exploiting and promoting these gifts from mother nature. 

The course lasts from October 2018 to January 2019. The special topics in this course are: The maintenance and preservation of cultural heritage - developing sustainable tourism in Asia; the role of political ideology and system in constructing an Asian community: A philosophical viewpoint; the preservation of Asian native languages; theory and practice; international relations in Asia; history and prospects; Vietnam's current foreign policy; the Asian and Vietnamese population: Issues of transformative trends; the characteristics of Area studies in constructing the Asian community; sea and island studies and some issues in Asia.   

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