Workshop "Ethnographic fieldwork: between participation and observation"

Wednesday - 17/10/2018 03:08
The workshop was co-held from October 8th-11th by USSH's Faculty of Anthropology and the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (University of Goettingen, Germany).

The coordinators at the workshop were Prof. Andrea Lauser (Acting President of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology) and Dr. Jovan Maud (Director of the Internationalization of Curricula, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology).

The students were young lecturers, researchers, master's candidates and research fellows majoring different disciplines such as History, Culture, Linguistics and International Studies inside and outside USSH.


Prof. Andrea Lauser

The workshop aims to introduce students to the defining method of ethnographic fieldwork named participant observation, both in terms of central theoretical issues as well as providing the opportunity for practical exercises and reflection. The central goal is to practice bringing participant observation into the students' repertoire of research techniques, including dealing with the core concepts: the tension between participation and observation, the nature of "the field"; research relationships and social obligations; and methodological orientations.

The students also traveled to participate and observe Lên đồng ceremonies in Lanh Temple and Dai Lo Temple (Ha Nam), discussed and reported their observations to the coordinators.

Dr. Jovan Maud


The workshop was desinged under the framework of a partnership between USSH's Faculty of Anthropology and the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology starting in 2017, according to which some Vietnamese students were sent to study at Goettingen University; and 2 coordinators of the Institute went to teach at the Faculty. 

This year, the partnership continues and focuses on exchanging lecturers and sending selected USSH's students to Germany, connecting the Faculty's learners and lecturers with international teaching methods and materials. Young staff and lecturers are instructed with the most modern teaching methods in Anthropology by the German experts. Also, German teachers are able to learn more about the teaching and study of Anthropology and the renovation of its teaching methods in Vietnam.

The students observe a Lên đồng ceremony


Author: Thanh Ha

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