Meeting with the representative of Taiwan Association for developing vocational training and education

Thursday - 04/04/2019 02:48
On April 3rd, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh (USSH's Rector) and heads of Office for Cooperation and Development and Office for Politics and Student Affairs had a work meeting with the representative of Taiwan Association for developing vocational training and education in Vietnam Mrs.Tran Huyen Anh.

The meeting addressed the Paid Internship Program 2019 in Vietnam, which is aimed at providing students with opportunities to study and work in Taiwan. In addition, the program helps them familiarize themselves with international, professional and modern work environments and find employments at large companies and corporations in Taiwan and around the world as well.

Students will be able to study for 01 year at a university in Taiwan and do an internship for 01 year at a Taiwanese company, learn a new foreign language and travel at least 2 times/year. In particular, students will be allowed to earn income from internships to pay for their tuitition fees and living expenses within a year. The recommended majors in Taiwan are Tourism and Travel Service Management, Design & Cosmetic, Industrial Management, and Distribution & Marketing Channel Management. The departure expenses are 1,200 USDs.

Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh takes a ceremonial picture with Mrs. Tran Huyen Anh

To help with the selection of Taiwanese universities, Mrs. Tran Huyen Anh personally recommended to USSH the training programs of Hwa Hsia University and Chien Hsin University. She will serve as a bridge facilitating the signing of an official MOU between USSH and either of the Taiwanese universities, as a basis for sending USSH's students. On behalf of USSH, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh expressed his gratefulness that USSH's students will have more yet another opportunity to study and do internships overseas. The University will inform the interested students about this program, especially studying at Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Science Management and School of Journalism and Communication.

Author: Tran Minh

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