USSH's Club for Cultural and Historical Promotion: a trademark of Humanities' students

Monday - 25/02/2019 04:49
The USSH's Cultural and Historical Promotion Club's precursor was the Cultural and Historical Promotion of Thang Long - Hanoi Team founded in 2009.

The Club is one of the most active and impressive student groups in cultural-historical promotion affairs in the area of Hanoi. Its main activities are promoting the image and culture of Vietnam to domestic and foreign tourists under different forms, providing tour guidance at historical-cultural sites in Hanoi, and holding special cultural events.

In addition, the Club has performed many other activities outside the University, one of the most regular of which is its collaboration with the Hanoi Tourism Department and National Historical Museum to train volunteers for tourism and cultural-historical events in the capital.

On each Saturday and Sunday, at the Temple of Literature, Thang Long Citadel and National Historical Museum, the club's members enthusiastically and dynamically work as tour guides and manage to impress both domestic and foreign tourists. Many foreign tourists become especially interested in their activities and would like to adopt this model in their countries. The club's members have to studied rigorously about the history and culture of Vietnam to promote such beautiful images. Their intense love for national history and culture helps them overcome many difficulties and challenges. The club also joins with many organizations and businesses to hold meaningful historical and cultural events, for example the program "I row the boat back to my homeland" and the series "Back to the origin 2018".

One of the members named To Quang Minh said: "In some respect, the members take advantage of their training in social sciences and humanities at one of the leading universities in Vietnam. Being equipped with comprehensive and professional knowledge in the field of social sciences and humanities, they find it easier to present long and complicated lectures".

Their activities not only constitute a playground but also an extra-curricular class for the members to practice and improve their skills. They can directly use their acquired knowledge to guide domestic and foreign tourists, which makes them better remember what they learn and find inspiration from their study.

"Many members have participated in research projects at the University dealing with the very sites they have acted as tour guides. President Ho Chi Minh used to say: "Knowledge has to go hand in hand with practice", so these are useful and meaningful opportunities for them to practice" - said To Quang Minh.

Moreover, the club's members have improved their communication and foreign language skills tremendously. Before joining the club many members were bashful and unconfident in front of their interlocutors. Afterwards, they become aware of the need to cultivate their presentation, communication and tour guiding skills to best complete their assigned tasks. The members always try to help each other gain more knowledge and improve foreign language proficiency. Especially, the club has held free foreign language courses for its members.

The Club for Cultural and Historical Promotion is proud to be a student group/club with the largest membership in Hanoi that are talented and well-versed in foreign languages. English notwithstanding, some members can also use Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French languages. In addition, their communication, organizational and event management skills are reinforced by participating in the events co-held with domestic and foreign organizations.

It can be said the development of the Club for Cultural and Historical Promotion is to no small extent thanks to the support and facilitation of USSH's Board of Rectors and teachers. Not only providing them with professional knowledge and skills, the teachers imbue the club's members with a love for their homeland and a pride in Vietnamese historical national traditions. Given these foundations, the club will for sure further score impressive achievements and become one of the most successful and distinguishable student clubs around Hanoi.

Author: Trang Vu

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