Speech of Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (Rector of USSH) on the opening ceremony of new academic year 2017-2018

Saturday - 16/09/2017 00:15

- Distinguish International Guests, visiting professors

- Mr. Ngo Van Quy, Deputy Maijor of Hanoi City

- Prof. Nguyen Kim Son, President of VNU

- Prof. Le Quan, Vice President of VNU 

- Dear Vietnamese Professors and students

- Ladies and gentlemen

1. First of all allow me to welcome all of you to the Opening ceremony of New Academic Year 2017-2018 and wish you all the best.

2. I know that at this moment our thinking and sentiments are looking toward to our people in center of Vietnam who faced the damages made by the current storm Doksuri. Let us share with you, professors and students who have families and relatives living there, your difficulties.

Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh delivers his speech

3. Ladies and gentlemen, the last academic year passed with impressed success:

* In academic affairs, there were more than 1,000 students, Masters and PhD graduated from university, among whom there was the first Ph.D holder of specialty in Science and Technology Management.

* In research, our faculty published 42 international publications, among which there were 6 articles published in ISI and SCOPUS journals.

* In quality assurance, Philosophy discipline became the third academic program that was assessed by AUN criteria.

* The office for students affairs provided a new model of one-door serving students

* The English Master Tea Club and Lunch Box became a new, attractive platform for students and faculty to practice their English.

* Prof. Phan Huy Le was given the Ho Chi Minh Award for his research "Vietnamese Culture - Structural Approach"

4. Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are happy to welcome the new 1677 students, class of 62. I think they are very happy and proud to attend the opening ceremony of the most prestigious university of country. The new academic year opens for them with many advantages as well as disadvantages. In a globalized and flat world as such, when science and technology are so developed that an enorm production of material goods was made, the things that the states looking for are spiritual values, tradition, identity. The USSH that you have chosen and are studying in now is responsible to teach, train and research the issues of culture, tradition, history and develop them into a "spiritual weapon" that no other weapons can win over. What do the states need today is soft power, but nor hard one. Trust me please that with its long tradition of training and research, with big number of good professors our University can help you to develop your strengths and help you to become successful politician, managers, researchers in future, but first of all to become good citizens.

5. Ladies and Gentlemen, recently such questions like autonomous university, ranking of universities, international publication or quality of education are discussed very widely and got great attention of whole society. Many people are point of view that fundamental/basic disciplines, especially social sciences, are facing most difficulties. I actually do not share this point of view. I think that it is right time for Vietnam social sciences to prove their importance and position. It is Social Sciences, but not sciences, have now more advantages to be developed. After 30 years of Doi Moi, from a "Vietnam War" our country became a "Vietnam Peace", "Vietnam Reform", "Vietnam Integration". In fact, Vietnam became an interesting object of study.

- In Politics: Vietnam proved that "History does not end" even Soviet Union and Socialist block collapsed.

- In economics: Vietnam successfully transformed its economy from the central planed economy model into a market economy one.

- In socio-culture: Vietnam witnessed a revitalizing of cultural tradition, values.

- In international relations: Vietnam follows the policy of diversification and multilateralism, peace and independence, being friend and reliable partner of all countries.

All these issues must be learned, studied, researched thoroughly, systematically, basically and scientifically based on a set of modern theories, and used inter-disciplinary approaches.

I strongly believe that our faculty and students can do it well.

Doing so, you can contribute to reform Vietnamese education.

Doing so, you can get support from Government, City of Hanoi, enterprises.

Doing so, your outcomes will be published by high impact factors journals

Doing so, your students will easily get job after graduation.

6. By closing, I would like to wish all of you, distinguish guests, good health, happiness and success. Wishing you, Professors and Students, a successful academic year 2017-2018. Thank you.            

Author: Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh

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