15 years of cooperation between USSH and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Monday - 15/01/2018 23:45
On January 15th, 2018, USSH and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia co-held a Ceremony commemorating 15th years of bilateral cooperation and a seminar titled “15th years of cooperation between USSH and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia – Theory and policy framework from a left-wing perspective”.

USSH, VNU began its cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Germany) in 2002. Their first mutual project was “Vietnam-Rosa Luxemburg” with an emphasis on policy studies, under the framework of a larger program on sociology and science and technology policy (later Program on social evaluation for the environment of development chaired by USSH). It is a long project aimed at studying the socio-economic-cultural bases and conditions of policy-making, especially when it comes to science, technology and education.

Over 15 years, a good deal of projects has been published in Vietnam and the world at large. The two sides also held training courses, seminars, conferences on policy studies; policy-planning programs; field studies on the impact and influence of policy on the national, local and organizational development, and social issues. These activities have greatly contributed to policy training and studies in many places.

In addition, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung has collaborated with USSH to develop new research orientations, such as the selection of left-wing theories in a changing context, and the reform of education policies in Vietnam.  These projects have proved highly efficient.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim (USSH’s Vice Rector) speaks at the ceremony

With the sponsorship by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, many results have been realized, such as the creation and development of new majors at USSH, especially Public Policy starting from 2018; the creation of new research orientations, contributing to the University’s reputation by utilizing research results; the publication of textbooks, monographs, references and materials on policy studies.

The two sides have also introduced a network of policy researchers, which in collaboration with many central and local authorities and agencies in Vietnam have held 45 training courses on policy studies and analysis, many of which were offered to members of the People’s Committees and Councils, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Office of the Vietnam’s President, the Office of the National Assembly, the Office of the Government, etc.).

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim (USSH’s Vice Rector) sent his warmest gratitude to Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung for its genuine concern and effective support.

On behalf of USSH’s Board of Rectors, the Vice Rector spoke highly of the contributions by Prof. Vu Cao Dam, Prof. Nguyen Van Khanh and many other domestic and foreign individuals and scholars. They have greatly contributed to the development of the Institute for Policy and Management as well as its cooperation with Stiftung. He hoped this relationship would continue to develop and contribute to the development of policy studies in Vietnam.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim gives a banquet of flower to Mrs. Liliane Danso-Dahmen (Director of Rosa Luxemburg Southeast Asia)

After the ceremony, the international seminar titled “15 years of cooperation between USSH and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia – Theory and policy framework from a left-wing perspective” was started. Its main topics were: evaluating the impact of cooperation between the Institute of Policy and Management and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in policy studies and training in Vietnam; left-wing theories and some issues concerning policy studies and educational research in Vietnam today; the development of policy science in Vietnam and prioritized research orientations relevant to the integration into the 4th industrial revolution. The seminar is also a chance to look back at the achievements and results of 15 years of cooperation between USSH and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and discuss subsequent research directions in the coming time. The seminar will last for two days from January 15th.

Author: Hoai An

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