Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies and International Issues

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Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies and International Relations - CAPASIR  was established in 2012 by combining the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies (which was formed by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training in 1985) and USSH's Center for WTO and International Studies

The Center's top priorities are to gather and develop a team of domestic and foreign scholars and research fellows concerned with regional and international issues to carry out research projects and produce new knowledge on the region. Research activities are aimed at discovering the historical, linguistic and cultural diversity and richness of countries and territories in the region, and analyzing contemporary issues such as regional stability and security, economic development and socio-political changes in Asia-Pacific countries. The Center focuses on historical, cultural and social issues, the development trends and policies, Vietnam's relations with other regional and ASEAN countries; multi-disciplinary approaches based on historical and comparative viewpoints are prioritized.

Apart from encouraging research innovation and academic debates, the Center is particularly concerned with disseminating general knowledge on the Asia-Pacific and the world. The Center always seeks to establish bilateral and multilateral relations with scholars and research centers, to publish materials on the issues and challenges faced by regional countries in general and Vietnam in particular. By actively holding research projects, conferences and training courses, the Center strives to become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign scholars and students interested in the region.

Council of Academic Advisors

Including prestigious domestic and foreign scholars directly supervised by the Board of Directors.

Main research programs

The Center has following specific programs:

  • Program on Asia-Pacific Studies.

  • Program on the study of international issues.

  • Program on academic exchange and development of database on international issues.

  • Program on providing knowledge on Vietnamese and international language and culture.


Apart from office staff and academic assistants, the Center has no permanent staff. Members of the Board of Directors, the Council of Academic Advisors and the researchers work on a short-time or part-time basis. The Center currently has around 20 scholars working on  a part-time basis.

Prominent activities


As in the last few years, in the near future, the Center will regularly hold short-term courses to provide knowledge on the region for domestic scholars, managers and entrepreneurs, and also join in the academic network regarding the region with other foreign universities and research centers, through which it will send young lecturers and students abroad to improve their knowledge on Asia Studies. Under the framework of this Program, many staff of the University and other agencies have been supported by USSH to participate in training courses and academic exchanges at foreign universities. The Center also receives many delegations of foreign students and scientists coming to Vietnam to research and improve their skills.

Research and international cooperation

Most of the projects on the region conducted by the Center in recent years are transnational projects, which are supported by many universities, individuals and centers in the region.

The Center has regular short-term cooperation with the following partners:

  • Kyoto University (Japan)

  • Yunnan Nationalities University

  • Chengchi University (Taiwan)

  • Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

  • Chiang Mai University (Thailand)

  • Thammasat University (Thailand)

  • Malaysia University (Malaysia)

  • Singapore National University

  • Philippines National University

  • Indonesia Institute of Sciences


Address: 310, Third Floor, Building A

336 Nguyen Trai Rd., Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Tel: 84 4 3558 6588


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