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The Center for Population Studies and Social Work, an organization for scientific research, training and application of population studies and social work at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam National University-Hanoi, was officially established pursuant to the Decision 237/QD-XHNV dated 20 February 2002 of the Rector of USSH.

Prior to its official establishment, the Center had gone through two stages of operation, namely as follow:

Stage 1: Implementing the program on “Population, Family and Development” approved by the Scientific Council of the former Hanoi University and endorsed by the decision of Prof. Dao Trong Thi, the then Rector of Hanoi University which is now Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU).

Stage 2: Upon the establishment of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities USSH at VNU, the Center implemented the Research Program on “Population, Family and Social Work in Development” pursuant to the proposal of the University’s Office for Research endorsed by USSH Rector Phung Huu Phu.

Although the Center’s operation has not been very long, it has acquired an important position in research and training on areas of its mandate, particularly in the field of Social Work and Community Development. The prestige of the Center has been established through its programs and activities, has won trust from and cooperation with national and international scientists and colleagues.


Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Ba Thinh

Apart from office staff and assistants, the Center does not have full-time research workers as its employees. Members of the management, Scientific Advisory Council and researchers are from other institutions or other units of the University and work part-time or on short duration at the Center. Currently the Center is served by 20 part-time scientists as collaborators. Numerous other collaborators of the Center include teachers, lecturers and excellent students who possess capacity and experience in Social Work, Community Development, Sociology, Demography, Social Psychology, etc. They have taken part in and conducted various research projects at national and international levels.

The operation of the Center is subject to the direct guidance of the Director Board and the Scientific Advisory Council which are composed of reputable scholars from various universities and research institutes.

Training and Research Duties

Objectives: the primary objective of the Center is to gather and build up a strong contingent of scientists, undergraduates and graduates in the country and overseas in order to deliver training, research and knowledge dissemination programs on population and social work.

Duties: the Center’s operation is organized on the basis of specific programs in order to allow for the most dynamic, flexible and effective performance of activities. Such training and research activities include

Social Work

  • Community Development
  • Gender and Community Health Issues
  • Population and Development

Development Strategies

Develop the Center into one of the leading institutions in the country in research and particularly training on practical skills and competencies in Social Work and Community Development.

Cooperative Program: the Center has conducted various cooperative programs with national and international organizations, for instance:

  • Translation and compilation of books on Sociology, Social Work and Community Development with assistance from Ford Foundation
  • Training of Trainers on Social Work supported by UNICEF
  • Research on Human Resources in Social Work with Children.



  • Opened up opportunities for international cooperation and exchange when scientists from the University, other institutions in Vietnam and around the world to meet and share knowledge and experience in the field of Population, Social Work and Sociology;
  • Compiled 7 valuable books on Sociology, Social Work and Community Development.
  • Contributed significantly to the development of the discipline of Sociology in Vietnam, which paved the way for the foundation of Vietnam Sociology Association.


  • 4 refreshment courses for teachers of Social Work lectured by 12 foreign professors (4 from France, 1 from Belgium, 2 from Australia, 3 from the USA, 1 from the UK and 1 from Germany).
  • A number of young staff are sent to study overseas.
  • Built up the discipline of Social Work (at the University and Ministry of Education and Training).

Foreign Relations

  • Expand relations with institutions in the country and over the world, contribute to the improvement of status and prestige of the University inside and outside the country; contribute to the establishment of the Faculties of Sociology and Social Work at Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Establish relations with over 20 universities in the world (the US, France, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Germany, etc.); gained trust from international scholars, particularly those from the USA, France and Australia.


Address: Room 308, 3rd floor, Block A;

336 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Tel: (84-4) 3557 5133


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