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  • Faculty of Philosophy, USSH, VNU Hanoi (formerly Hanoi General University) began offering bachelor's program on Philosophy in accordance with Religious Studies in 1976.

  • In 1980, the Section Scientific Atheism was formed under Faculty of Philosophy, Hanoi General University.

  • In 1999, Division of Religious Science was founded and began the bachelor's program on Religious Studies

  • In 2004, Division of Religious Studies launched the master's program on Religious Studies under Faculty of Philosophy, USSH, VNU Hanoi.

  • In 2014, the Division launched the master's program and doctoral program on Religious Studies (2015) and began admitting students into the bachelor's program on Religious Studies in 2016. 

Since 1999, Division of Religious Science has been training around 200 bachelors of Religious Studies annually, most of whom are regular and part-time students, religious practitioners, and government officers dealing with religious and cultural affairs. In 2004, when the master's program on Religious Studies was approved the scope of training was extended to high-ranking religious leaders, part-time religious researchers, and religious managers or managers working in related areas. Therefore, each year there are over 15 master's candidates majoring Religious studies and 6-8 research fellows.

However, up to now in Vietnam, opinions of religious issues have generally been divergent. Many theoretical issues concerning religious studies have to be clarified, and many practices need comprehensive and thorough studying and summarizing. Therefore, the establishment and development of Division of Religious Studies at USSH is an essential requirement the whole field.

  • On July 26th, 2016, the USSH's Rector signed decision no 3252/QĐ/XHNV-TC creating the Division of Religious Studies at USSH, VNU Hanoi. Since then, the Division of Religious Studies has been an independent, systematic and integral unit at the University. With this milestone, the Division was able to confirm its status, independence, and maturity in the regional and international stage.


The Division of Religious Studies aims to become a unit of national brand and international standard in training and researching Religious science, focusing on such areas as Methodology for Religious studies; Religions in Vietnam and around the world; and Religions, beliefs and social life. The Division pioneers the training of high-quality human resources, creating and disseminating knowledge on Religious Studies, the Party's policy and Law on Religion, to contribute to national construction and development.  

Development orientations

The Division of Religious Studies constantly renovates and develops itself to become an international brand and define its value chains:

  • Core value: create the best value chain, being able to contribute to the development of global science in an internationally-integrated way; sharpen a dialectical thinking; stimulate and nurture humanistic spirits and the awareness of social responsibilities.

  • Objective: become a high-quality and prestigious center of basic research and application of Religious Studies in Vietnam and the region.

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