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Main research orientations

  • Theoretical and methodological issues in religious studies:

    •  Research methods in religious studies

    •  The origin, nature and situation of religions in today's context. 

    •  The relations between religion and politics, culture, ethics, arts, and philosophy.

  • The religions in Vietnam and the world:

    •  The doctrines, organization and development of Catholicism

    •  The introduction and spreading of Catholicism in Vietnam

    •   Catholicism's historical and contemporary influences on Vietnam's culture, politics and society.

    •   The doctrines, rituals and organization of Protestantism.

    •   The introduction and spreading of Protestantism in Vietnam

    •   Protestantism's current influences on Vietnam's cultural, political and social issues.

    •   The origin, doctrines, rituals and organization of Islam

    •   The introduction, spreading and features of Islam in Vietnam

    •   The formation and development of Buddhism.

    •   Buddhist Doctrines and religious texts

    •   The introduction and spreading of Buddhism in Vietnam

    •   General Buddhist ideas and Vietnamese Buddhist ideas

    •   The formation, organization and doctrines of Caodism.

    •   The formation, organization and doctrines of Hoahaoism

    •    New religious phenomena in Vietnam and in the world.

    •    Vietnamese religious folk beliefs: ancestor veneration, Mother Goddess, deity worship.

    •    The transformations of some forms of belief in today's Vietnam.

    •    Current religious festivals in Vietnam.

  • Religion, belief and social life

    •    Religion and social work.

    •    The current situation of religious educational, charitable and social activities in today's Vietnam.

    •    The Party's policies and the State's law on religion.

    •    Vietnam's integration of religious laws compared to the international laws

    •    Catholicism and Vietnamese culture

    •    Protestantism and its impact on the indigeous cultures at remote areas in Northwest Vietnam and the Central Highlands. 

    •    Religious texts (Catholic, Buddhist, Islamic, Protestant) with ethical and cultural issues in today's Vietnam.

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