Các công trình khoa học công bố quốc tế được khen thưởng năm học 2013-2014

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1. Nguyễn Văn Kim, Nguyễn Mạnh Dũng, Hàn Quốc Á Tế Á Văn minh giao lưu sử (1862-1925), Songgyun China Institute - Korean and Asia Exchanges culture and history, quý III/2013, ISBN 979-11-5531-014-4.

2. Nguyễn Văn Kim, Nguyễn Mạnh Dũng, Tradition and Trade Activities of Vietnamese: Historical Fact and Understandings, Journal of the World of the Orient (Ucraina), tr. 27-49, tháng 12/2013, ISSN 1608-0599.

3. Nguyễn Văn Kim, Vietnam - Japan Relationship: A view from the Sea Space, Viện Hàn lâm KHXHVN, số 3 (161) 2014, ISSN 1013-4328.

4. Trần Điệp Thành, Kim Chong-Soo, Studying the Presidency of Vietnam and France from a Comparative Perspective, The Journal of Koran Policy Studies, số 3, tr. 403-422, tháng 9/2013, ISSN 1598-7817.

5. Trần Thị Minh Hòa, Several Tactics for Tourism of Vietnam to promote tourism marketing to Chinese tourists, Around Southeast Asia, số 5, 2014, tr. 23-29, 2014, ISSN 1003-2479.

6. Nguyễn Văn Hiệu, Researches on administrative geographical names stemming from Southwest Mandarin Dialect (SMD) in the Northwest mountainous provinces of Vietnam, The World of the Orient, tr. 123-131, 4/2013, ISSN1608-0599.

7. Nguyễn Văn Khánh, Trần Văn Kham, Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnams Higher Education in the Globalisation Process: Experiences from Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities, US-China Education Review, Volume 3, Number 9, tháng 9/2013, ISSN2161-6248.

8. Trần Văn Kham, Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Vietnam, Scholar Press, 2014, ISBN978-3-639-70863-9.

9. Trần Văn Kham, Social construction of diability and its potential impact to welfare practice in Vietnamese contexts, Springer Open Journal, 2014.

10. Trần Văn Kham, Exploring the experience of children with diabilites at school setting in Vietnam context, Springer Open Journal, 2014.

11. Phạm Quang Minh, Vietnam-Japan Relations in the New Context of Regional and World Politics, The Bulletin of the Institute for World Affairs, Kyoto Sangyo University, Số 029, tr. 81-89, tháng 4/2014.

12. Phạm Quang Minh, Thống nhất và biến đổi xã hội ở Việt Nam những năm 1970 (tiếng Hàn), Journal of Baikbum Kim Koo and Korean National Movement Studies, Volum 10, tr. 39-61, 2013, ISSN 1599-8592.

13. Phạm Quang Minh, East Asia and the Pacific: The Regional Roles of Vietnam and South Korea, Asia’s Middle Powers? The identity and regional policy of South Korea and Vietnam, The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, tr. 73-98, 2013, ISBN 978-193136832-2.

14. Phạm Quang Minh, Book review: David G. Marr. Vietnam: State, War, and Revolution (1945-1946), H-Diplo, H-Diplo Roundtable Review, Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, Volume XV, số 36, tháng 6/2014.

15. Phạm Quang Minh, The EU-Vietnam Relations Through Promoting European Studies in Vietnam, International Relations and Diplomacy, Vol.2, No3, 151-158, tháng 4/2013, ISSN 2328-2134

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