Office for Cooperation and Development

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Function and missions

Office for Cooperation and Development is tasked with advising and supporting the Rector in developing plans and managing USSH's cooperation and development. Its main tasks are:

Managing delegations

  • Serve as a liason that develops and implement exchange programs with foreign students.

  • Develop and implement plans and synthesize information from relevant units on external delegations; offer protocol services and support the entry and exit procedure for external delegations.

  • Prepare the agenda and necessary documents for the Board of Rectors in working with foreign partners.

  • Coordinate the management of foreigners, manage documents related to entry and exit procedure, make invitation letters and letters of recommendation for foreign staff and students visiting USSH to teach, research and promote cooperation.

  • Coordinate with internal and external units to ask for permission to hold international conferences and conventions according to the rules and instructions of the state.

  • Receive proposals for granting Honorary doctoral degrees to foreign scholars from other units, and submit them to VNU for consideration and approval; hold ceremonies for granting Honorary Doctoral degrees.

  • Coordinate with other offices to approve the records of staff and students asking for overseas research and study; prepare files and complete the necessary procedures on behalf of the Board of Rectors.

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of exchange programs for foreign students.

Cooperation and development

  • Advise the Rector on developing plans for cooperation and development; create regulatory documents of cooperation and development.

  • Manage, perform and supervise the University and units' activities concerning cooperation and development.

  • Contact and discuss about cooperation with USSH's foreign partners; advise the Rector in preparing the content and negotiating the signing of MOUs with the partners.

  • Manage, record, control and inspect the implementation of signed MOUs.

  • Develop products that bear the USSH brand.

  • Find sponsorships and scholarships from organizations and international foundations and funds for USSH's students and staff.

  • Approve the contents of documents regarding international programs and projects; manage and synthesize the reports and progress of these programs and projects.

  • Support and coordinate with other units in cooperation and development activities with domestic and foreign partners when necessary.

Board of leaders

Deputy Head

MA. Luong Ngoc Vinh

Deputy Head

MA. Nguyen Minh Nguyet


Room 402, 404 block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 335851282


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