Office for Inspection and Legal Affairs

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The Board of Inspection was formed in 1996 and later changed to Office for Inspection and Legislation with added legal functions and missions.

Functions and tasks

The Office for Inspection and Legal Affairs is tasked with inspecting all activities within the University in order to detect, prevent and deal with violations; and identifying the shortcomings in the management mechanisms, policies, laws, rules and statutes concerning education, training and other affairs.

The Office is charged with advising and consulting USSH's Rector on legal issues related to the organization and functioning of USSH, ensuring the University closely adhere to the laws and legal mandates. Its main objectives are:


  • Develop documents related to USSH's inspection activities.

  • Suggest and apply measures to improve the efficiency of inspection activities.

  • Inspect and supervise USSH's activities related to the implementation of the State's policies and laws, and the rules and regulations of the Education sector, VNU and USSH. 

  • Inspect the implementation of training objectives, programs and plans of the University, its units and lecturers and staff; training and research management; and activities of learners at different levels and modules and other assigned tasks. 

  • Coordinate with other units' leaders to direct and support their inspection activities.

  • Make reports on personnel to be submitted to the Rector concerning the establishment of inspection delegations and groups tasked with inspecting, validating and suggesting solutions to the issues within the Rector's authority.

  • Examine and make conclusions to the Rector on the issues related to complaints and accusations within the University's authority.

  • Coordinate with the Party's Committee's Inspection Committee, the Union's Inspection Committee and the People's Inspection Commission to resolve the issues related to the Party's Committee, the Union's and the Commission's inspection activities.

  • Coordinate with relevant units to prepare the documents and other items for receiving and working with the citizens according to rules and regulations.

  • Coordinate with other units to inspect, supervise and evaluate the implementation of the University's plans and objectives and the Rector's conclusions and instructions.

  • Coordinate with the relevant offices to inspect and supervise activities related to the reward and punishment of staff, lecturers and students.

  • Complete other assignments related to the organization and running of USSH and other tasks given by the Rector.

Legal affairs

  • Develop legal documents related to the University's legislation.

  • Suggest and apply measures to improve the efficiency of inspection activities.

  • Assist the Rector and leaders of other units in resolving legal issues; protect the legitimate rights and interests of USSH and its units, staff, officers, workers and students.

  • Assist the Rector and leaders of other units in contributing to the drafting of legal normative documents submitted by the units; inquire the authorities about the amendment and revision or issuance of these documents.

  • Give legal feedback on the documents drafted by the functional offices before submitting them to the Rector.

  • Coordinate with other units to publish and communicate the State's laws and USSH's rules, statutes and regulations to USSH's staff, lecturers, workers and students; inspect and supervise activities aimed at raising the legal awareness of USSH's staff.

  • Coordinate with other relevant units to assist the Rector in examining and inspecting the implementation of legal normative documents issued by the State; the instructions and directives issued by the Rector and USSH's units; offer suggestions to prevent and resolve the consequenses caused by violations of the laws, rules and regulations of USSH and its units. 

  • Coordinate with the relevant units to organize training courses aimed at improving legal knowledge and skills for the legal staff at the units; participate in training and professional courses on legal affairs held by the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU and other relevant bodies.

  • Make reports on the inspection activities to the Rector and superior authorities.

  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Rector.

Board of leaders

hcth dangquangthai 1

Le Anh Tuan

Deputy Head
Dang Quang Thai


Room 406, 408, block E - Office for meeting citizens


No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 35580805; (024) 38585241


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