Office for Politics and Student Affairs

Monday - 02/07/2018 22:52
Office for Student Affairs
Office for Student Affairs

Functions and tasks:


  • Advice and assist the Board of Rectors to make annual plans for political, ideological and moral education.

  • Coordinate with other units and organizations to hold diverse events to promote USSH's image and the students' legitimate benefits.

  • Manage students and complete the procedures related to students.

  • Provide career counseling and academic advice for students.


  • Coordinate with other units and organizations to make students adhere to the policies and guidelines of the Party, laws of the Government, sectoral and local authorities.

  • Organize political events to celebrate the country, the capital and USSH's important holidays; hold political seminars for students at the beginning of the year; answer students' questions through dialogue and other channels.

  • Collaborate with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Student Association and relevant departments to organize events to improve political and ideological awareness, educate on the traditions and improve the etiquette and conduct of students, facilitate the participation of students in club activities, cultural, art and sport events and other activities.

  • Admit students, make pre – entry inspection and manage records of students at different levels.

  • Receive and manage students according to signed agreements.

  • Coordinate with relevant units to manage students during their study and training at the University.

  • Coordinate with the authorities to manage resident and non-resident students.

  • Provide health care services, health insurance and life insurance for students.

  • Provide scholarships, social benefits and tuition fee reduction for students.

  • Coordinate with other units to hold start-of-term and degree-granting ceremonies for bachelors, masters and doctors.

  • Grant awards or punishments to students according to existing rules.

  • Provide career counseling, academic advice and soft skills for students.

  • Make annual surverys of the employment status of graduates.

  • Manage the male students of elistment age.

  • Manage the activities of the University's Student Association.

Board of Leaders

hung hoang pham dong phuong

nguyen tuyet mai

Deputy Head in chargae

Dr. Pham Hoang Hung

Deputy Head

MA. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai



Room 101-102, block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 38583800; (024) 38585242


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