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Thursday - 23/08/2018 04:39

With the aim of integrating the Faculty with the international academic environment, in recent years, the Faculty has increasingly promoted cooperation with domestic foreign partners such as the Institute of Literature, Institute of Chinese-Nom, Buddhist Academy, Literature Publisher, Women Publisher, and Youth Publisher as well as foreign partners such as Aix Marseille University, Paris 7 University (France); Charles University (Czech Republic); Cheng Kung University, the Taiwan Museum of Modern Literature, and Tainan Bureau of Cultural Affairs (Taiwan, China). 

The Faculty of Literature holds an academic event once a month in the form of a seminar that deals with important issues, introduces new research projects or literary works. This is the result of cooperation with other domestic research units and publishers with critical and societal acclaim. The Faculty has helped introduced such books as Những đứa trẻ mắc zịch (Tran Nha Thuy, in collaboration with Youth Publisher), Mộ phần tuổi trẻ (Huynh Trong Khang, in collaboration with Nha Nam Company), Huyền thoại Kim thiếp vũ môn (Tran Gia Ninh, in collaboration with Literature Publisher)…

In addition, the Faculty strengthens international cooperation by inviting professors, researchers and writers from all over the world to deliver specialized talks such as: seminar with Prof. Colas Duflo, Paris Nanterre University; the seminar "The similarities and differences between Taiwanese and Vietnamese literatures" with Prof. Chang Wen Chi (Chengkung University, Taiwan); the lecture "The introduction of journeys through travel literature in the Heian-Edo era" given by Prof Kuramoto Kazuhiro; the presentation on Vietnamese literature of diplomatic missions by Chen Yuan (Chengkung University, Taiwan); and the course on Chinese-Vietnamese phonetics for graduates majoring Chinese-Nom by Prof. Shimizyu Masaaki (Osaka University, Japan). The Faculty has received interns from Taiwan and held free Summer courses on Chinese language for its students - in collaboration with the Faculty of Chinese literature, Kinmen University (Taiwan).

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