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One of the leading institutions dealing with Vietnamese folk and modern literature, Chinese-Nom, Literary theory, Oriental literary traditions (Chinese, Indian, Southeast and Northeast Asia), Western (US-UK) literature and Arts Studies, the Faculty of Literature focuses deeply on literary theory, national literary studies, Chinese-Nom, folk culture, foreign literature and arts studies. In addition, the Faculty gradually improves inter-disciplinary research to include other cultural, artistic and ancient language areas in order to integrate with the international environment.

In around 20 years (1996 to 2017), the Faculty published hundreds of textbooks, monographs, and reference books. For 60 years, the Faculty held over 80 conferences from Division level to international level; and completed hundreds of research projects at University, Ministry, VNU and State levels. In the academic year 2017-2018, the Faculty takes part in holding an international conference on Journalism and the paradigmatic changes in Vietnamese culture and literature in the early 20th century.

The Faculty currently designs the program "History of Vietnamese national literature" and the program "Vietnamese national Chorography". Its staff have been chairing many projects at VNU, Ministry and State levels.

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