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Faculty of Literature is one of oldest and largest units at USSH, VNU Hanoi. Founded in 1956, having changed its name several times to Faculty of Society, Faculty of Literature-History, Faculty of Linguistics and Literature, Faculty of Literature and had its location removed many times in the Vietnam war, the Faculty has been through more than 60 years of development. Since October 1996, the Faculty has entered a new stage of development within VNU, becoming a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted and high-quality institution of Vietnam in the Renovation area.


With one of the longest traditions among the faculties of USSH, VNU and notable reputation in literary research and training, Faculty of Literature is tasked with training high-quality and knowledgable human resources gifted with a democratic, academic and humanistic spirit of literature and arts that serve the cause of national construction and development.

The Faculty's philosophy of education is Basic knowledge - Independent thinking - Proactive adaption

Prominent achievements

In recent years, the Faculty of Literature has regularly received awards and certificates of merit at different levels, such as: the Labor Medal of the Third order 1995, Labor Medal of the Second order 2001. The Faculty has been granted 38 certificates of merit and 18 diplomas of merit from the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam General Labor Federation, Hanoi General University, and VNU. For many years, the Faculty has received the title of Excellent Labor Unit from USSH.

Three divisions within the Faculty have received Diploma of Merit from the Prime Ministry: Division of Literary Theory (2001), Division of Vietnamese Modern Literature (2001), and Division of Vietnamese Folk and Medieval Literature (2004).

Development orientations

Our objective until 2020 is to develop the Faculty into a trans-disciplinary unit that covers the fields of literature, arts and philology, integrating with the international academic environment and effectively serving the cause of national industrialization and modernization.

The Faculty aims to extend the current scope of teaching and research; consolidate and modernize the traditional areas; strengthen the internationalized activities, from international relations to publications; develop some new majors and minors; and to continuously combine research with training.

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