Lời giới thiệu Tạp chí Khoa học Xã hội và Nhân văn, tập 2, số 2 năm 2016

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The second number of volume two is the second issue in English of the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities since it was introduced in October, 2015. It consists of 5 main research articles, two discussions, a book review and information related to academic activities and conferences held by VNU-USSH recently.

In the research article section, the opening article is written by Andrew Wells-Dang and his colleagues, and focuses on the transformation of land usage in Vietnam under the perspective of political economy. It contributes knowledge and analysis to literature regarding land conflicts in Vietnam in recent years (roughly mid 1990s to the present). These authors nicely couple the discussions with examples of land disputes to write an insightful conclusion. A new philosophical topic on intercultural personhood is presented in the second paper by Nguyen Vu Hao. By the flow of literature review, Nguyen Vu Hao shows the recommendations in this topic and also opens for new ideas on further research about intercultural personhood, which is critical for the human development, especially while Vietnam keeps the pace to globalization, TPP and Asean community as well. Do Dieu Khue, in the third articles, presents her ideas about the impacts of Nixon doctrine on allies in East Asia comparatively. She examines its impacts on the domestic development and international relations during the war in Vietnam, contributes to further understandings of international politics in the East and Southeast Asian regions.

Next, Pham Van Min, the VNU-USSH's staff currently working as postdoctoral fellow in University of South Australia, shows the original comparative analysis of China's approach to bilateral and multilateral cooperation on energy issues. This analysis applies the framework of three stage approach: Passive followers, active participant and advanced cooperation or return to passivity. The following paper, on the field of social work and social welfare for the marriage migrant women in Korea, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, covers the current situation of life stress, coping skills and mental health among them. The author applies the approach of Amirkhan to classify coping behavior into three categories: problem solving, social support seeking and avoidant behaviours.

In the discussion section, Phan Quang Anh¸ on reviewing Anthony Reid's work, makes the discussion about the national identity in South East Asia which could bring many benefits for current social research related to nationalism in Vietnam. The hot topic of TPP is also discussed by Pham Hoang Tu Linh, by reviewing the United States factors on negotiating and approving the partnership. It can be seen a book review, by Dinh Xuan Lam and Tran Van Kham, about the newly published book, titled Vietnam Nationalist Party (author Nguyen Van Khanh), by Springer Publisher in January 2016. This review is critical and benefited for readers interested in the topic of Vietnam Nationalist Party.

The publication of the second issue in English shows the significant efforts by editorial board, authors, contributors, reviewers, and VNU-USSH. It also represents the new strategy of USSH to make its publication to meet the international standards of a scientific journal. The third issue of the journal in 2016 will be available in this June in Vietnamese. The editorial board gives the thankfulness to Prof Ivan Welty, Ms Michelle Galvez for their contribution as the language editor to this issue. The editorial board welcomes all comments, supports and suggestions for the development of the journal.


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