CASA holds the course "Academic Writing" for USSH's students

Thursday - 02/05/2019 05:06
On April 22nd and 24th, 2019, the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) held the course "“Academic Writing” for students.

The lessons were monitored by two guests: Etienne Mahler and Leonie Salzmann, two German research fellows currently studying and working at USSH. This is a useful course that provides opportunities for students to learn and practice academic writing with international methods and standards currently adopted by many universities in the world.

Academic writing is an especially important skill required of students, especially those interested in research and academic activities. However, writing English essays poses challenges for many Vietnamese students. Therefore, the course was held to help students to not only understand more about the theoretical aspects of Academic Writing but also apply them through real exercises.

The discussions and conversations focused on such topics as: What is academic writing and why is it so necessary? How to define research questions and structure a research paper? What are the criteria of an academic essay? How to cite works in academic texts? How to format the footnotes in a text? In addition, the two speakers introduced to the students the reference management software required for writing essays and investigating documents.

Under the guidance of Leonie Salzmann and Etienne Mahler, the students had fruitful discussions about how to create a complete academic essay. It was also a good opportunity for them to improve their English proficiency in daily communications and academic studies.

Academic Writing Workshop is a beneficial event held by CASA to help students equip and improve the necessary skills to improve themselves and their academic and research activities. This course was also the first planned and held by the collaborators of CASA themselves.

Author: Phương Anh

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