Faculty of Oriental Studies wins 1st Group Prize for student research activities in the year 2018-2019

Sunday - 26/05/2019 22:22
The 2019-2019 Student Research Conference of USSH took place on May 21st, 2019.

This academic year's Conference received 723 scientific papers by 982 students. The ratio of students doing research this year accounts for 16% all the University's. Compared to that in 2017-2018, the number of students doing research increases by 16%, while that of the papers 15%.

Speaking at the Conference, Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Kim (USSH's Vice Rector) said: The student research Conference concludes a series of diverse and dynamic events of the University's student research activities. With the spirit of innovation, this year's student research period began at an early time. Right after the the end of 2018's student research event, the University commenced the activities for the year 2019. This helped individuals and groups of students better prepare, visualize and invest in their studies. The University commended the units for their innovations in promoting the student research activities. The results gained from this year's Conference validate the enthusiasm and creativity of USSH's students in scientific activities.

The papers made by students this year are said to not only reflect the diversity of topics but also the curiosity in finding approaches to issues. With firm theoretical bases, students use theoretical approaches to look at the things, events and phenomena in social realities to find out the explanations and general laws dictating them; and provide preliminary solutions and suggestions. Many papers are novel and highly applicable, including many that are directly relevant to students' life such as the group of papers granted the Green Torch awards.

To ensure the accuracy and efficiency in scoring and reviewing the research findings, the Conference was divided into 4 panels each with a council of judges responsible for a group of research topics. Each author and group of authors presented their findings and received suggestions and feedback from the council and students at the Conference.

Research activities help students practice their research skills and also learn how to think and work independently. They also help students prove their personal capabilities by using the theories of each major to explain the different aspects of social life and make practical uses of them in their study and work.

At the end of the Conference, 01 First prize, 02 Second prizes and 03 Third prizes were granted to the units doing research activities in the year 2018-2019:

  • First Prize: Faculty of Oriental Studies

  • Second Prize: Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of History

  • Third Prize: Faculty of Anthropology, Faculty of Management Science, Faculty of Psychology.

The Conference also announced 38 papers winning 2nd prize and 50 papers winning 3rd prize.

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