Student Research Event "Green Torch 2019"

Tuesday - 14/05/2019 22:21
The Student Research Conference titled Green Torch 2019 was held by USSH's Youth Union on May 13th.

Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Kim grants the award Most impressive paper

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Tam (Member of the Permanent Committee of USSH's Youth Union) said: "This year's conference has seen the improvement in both quality and quantity with over 70 papers from 8 faculties of the University. After 3 rounds, 9 papers have been chosen to be presented today. They show the students' own interests in and perspectives on relevant issues in their lives as well as in the affairs of the Union - Association and youth movement".

At the conference, 9 excellent papers were presented and received questions and feedback from the scientific committee and audience. 4 papers were granted the following prizes: Most impressive paper; Excellent survey; Excellent applicability; Excellent solution; and Excellent presentation.

Student Nguyen Thu Hao (Faculty of Sociology) with her paper "Awareness of the use of cannabis and the relevant factors of using cannabis among university students in Hanoi" received two awards: Most impressive paper and Excellent presentation.

Cannabis is banned is Vietnam but used by many youth including students, yet its use among students is not yet studied. According to Hao, many of these students are intelligent, knowledgeable and say cannabis can serve as a tool intheir  study, work and recreational activities. This has led her to find the answers for this question. To conduct her study, Hao used participatory observation towards the students using cannabis in Hanoi and gained practical findings.

Student Nguyen Thu Hao presents her research

With the paper "Reading culture among students today", the group of students Nguyen Minh Thuong, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen and Vu Thi Hong Ngoc (Faculty of Sociology) used questionnaire survey as their main method. The group presented the picture of reading culture among students in the 4.0 age using concrete statistics.

Accordingly, 67.8% of the surveyed students spent 1-3 hours for reading; the time spent reading books and texts through multi-media channels was increasing; and Vietnamese books and textbooks were their favorite category of texts. In particular, the study pointed out the direct proportion between grade point average (GPA) with the reading frequency of students. 55.6% of students with excellent GPAs read books 1-3 times/weeks; 44.4% read books 3 times/week; no student with excellent GPA read books fewer than 1 time/week.

"Reading culture among students"

The group received 2 awards for Excellent survey and Excellent presentation

Student Le Anh Minh (Faculty of Management Science) gained the award Best applicablility with the paper "Identifying the difficulties faced by students in distinguishing the activities of the Student Associations at VNU". The paper sketched out the fact that most students could not distinguish among the activities of the Student associations and those of the Youth Unions, especially freshmen. She then provided some suggestions such as changing communication methods and the approaches towards students, and streamlining the organizational structure and scope of activities of these two types of organizations so as to minimize overlappings.  

Sinh viên Nguyễn Hải Yến

Student Nguyen Thi Hai Yen (Faculty of Anthropology) received the award Excellent solution with her paper "Abortion: Study of the cohabitating couples in Trieu Khuc, Hanoi". The paper examined the reality and causes behind the hard decisions to cohabitate among the youth and uses in-depth interview as the main research method.

In her study, Yen found that there was at least 1 student in a cohabitating couple, and pointed out the 2 main reasons that they chose cohabitation. First, living with one's lover helps save money as it is difficult nowadays to find a rommate, let alone one that is not familiar to the person. Cohabitation helps solve the economic issue. Second, it helps the two lovers learn more about each other. Most of the students agreed they should pursue cohabitation and that loving and living with each other are two entirely different affairs.

The author also suggested 2 types of causes, namely economic and socio-economic, that led to the decision to get an abortion among couples, The decisions are also affected by gender stereotypes. Females are usually ones suggesting abortion because having premarital pregnancy causes more hardship for them than for males.

The Student Research Conferende "Green torch" aims at acclaiming the studies of students relevant to their own lives and can be adopted in the affairs of USSH's Union-Association and youth movement; and encouraging and stimulating the creativity and passion among students for research activities.

Author: Tran Minh

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