HIGO&TASS, USSH - VNU Program of educational and cultural exchange

Thursday - 29/10/2015 05:05
During 2 weeks between 7th and 20th September 2015, the Tourism and Scientific Services Company Ltd – TASS (University of Social Sciences & Humanities, VNU Hanoi) and HIGO Program (Kumamoto University, Japan) cooperated to organize an educational and cultural exchange program in Vietnam.
HIGO&TASS, USSH - VNU Program of educational and cultural exchange
HIGO&TASS, USSH - VNU Program of educational and cultural exchange

HIGO-TASS 2015 program lasted for 2 weeks. In the 1st week, HIGO group had some meetings in Hanoi such as: studying at University of Social Sciences & Humanities (USSH); visited the Hanoi School of Public Health, National Hospital Acupuncture, WHO & UN. The 2nd week focused on hands-on experiences at Sapa, Lao Cai Province to study more about traditional herbal medicines of Red Dao people at Sapa-Napro company, as well as understand more about the lifestyle of hill-tribe people at Ta Phin village.

Representatives of TASS Co., Ltd (USSH) and HIGO program (Kumamoto University, Japan) 

In the first week, HIGO group, whose members came from Japan - Myanmar - Nepal - Bangladesh and China had the first meeting about Vietnam trip under the leadership of Dr. Ishida Satoshi (HIGO Program) and MA. Vu Thanh Ngoc (TASS Co., Ltd). During in 3 days after at USSH campus, HIGO group had some lessons about history and culture of Vietnam via the class of Assoc. Prof.Dr Hoang Anh Tuan (Vice Dean of Faculty of History); study about Vietnamese politics via a class of Assoc. Prof. Pham. Dr Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH, former Dean of Faculty of International Studies); as well as learning about process of medical production and distribution Vietnam. Especially, to provide more information for almost all students coming from Pharmacy and Medical Studies, TASS arranged some intensive seminars at Hanoi School of Public Health, National Hospital Acupuncture and WHO&UN.

At the first week in Vietnam, HIGO group had an orientationat at USSH-VNU

For the field trip at the second week, TASS arranged an exchange itinerary for HIGO group at Sapa-Napro company located at Ta Phin Village, about 12km from Sapa. Sapa-Napro was established for combining the research, manufacturing and sales of Red Dao traditional herbal medicine. Since its inception in 2006, Sapa-Napro has been receiving great support from many experts of Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Vietnam National University of Agriculture in technology and science. The Group had a great conversation and plenty of time for Question & Answer concerning with doctor Nguyen Ba Nhung – Sapa-Napro professional advisor, former doctor of Military Hospital and Mr. Ly Lao Lo, director of Sapa-Napro.

In the second week in Vietnam, TASS organized a field trip to Sapafor HIGO group to study about traditional herbal medicine of Red Dao people

 HIGO group join a journey to the jungle with Red Dao herbalists, learns to distinguish and collect herb

Besides, under the leadership of Dr. Hari Prasad Devkota (lecturer at Pharmaceutical at Kumamoto University Japan, HIGO group) had a great journey to the jungle with a Red Dao herbalist to learn about and collect herb; handson planting experiences at Plan Station of Sapa-Napro; making herbal medicine…In addition, the group had a great time to meet and ask questions about traditional herbal medicine with some herbalists. Especially, HIGO group presented some warmly gifts to the poorest families at Ta Phin Village.  

HIGO group presented somenice gifts to poorest families in Ta Phin village

A wonderful and successful trip was tailored & organized by TASS Co. and HIGO program. We not only took a briefing of history, politics, culture of Vietnam and visited sceneries in Northern Vietnam, but also took a field trip to Sapa to learn and practice traditional herbal medicine with the Red Dao people. Furthermore, we had an exciting and interesting farewell night party with many traditional performances of Bangladesh, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Vietnam and happy to give our kindly presents to some poor families at Ta Phin Village. TASS will try its best to tailor and organize more and more meaningful trips like this for our groups.

Author: Thanh Ngoc – Thu Thuy - Thanh Trang

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