International conference: “Anthropology in Vietnam: History, present and prospect”

Wednesday - 30/09/2015 01:50
On September 29th 2015, USSH collaborated with the Vietnam Association of Ethnology and Anthropology to hold the international conference “Anthropology in Vietnam: History, present and prospect”. PhD. Hoang Xuan Luong (Deputy Minister and Vice President of the Committee for Ethnic Affairs) and various domestic and foreign scholars participated in this conference.
International conference: “Anthropology in Vietnam: History, present and prospect”
International conference: “Anthropology in Vietnam: History, present and prospect”

Speaking at the Conference, Deputy Minister Hoang Xuan Luong highly appreciated the significance of this conference when Anthropology was gaining ever more importance in the development of Vietnam as a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. The study of cultural, economic and social characteristics of nation-states in general and ethnic groups in particular had been the mission of Anthropology in decades. Through scientific professionalism and enthusiasm, Anthropolists had actively and efficiently contributed to the development of ethnic policies in different historical periods.

As Ethnology was shifting into Anthropology, to improve its scope of study and training in Vietnam towards international integration, Deputy Minister Hoang Xuan Luong suggested the following tasks for anthropological scholars:  

First was to consider ethnic minorities an important research topic and subject and take in account mountainous regions that needs further investigations.

Second was to promote the training of anthropological researchers with extensive knowledge of ethnic groups and cultures in mountainous areas and islands to better serve the cause of national construction.

Third was to apply anthropological knowledge, methods and approaches in the preservation and promotion of ethnic cultural traditions.

Deputy Minister Hoang Xuan Luong delivers his opening speech

During the general session, two papers were presented, including “Diversity in unity, and unity in diversity – the endogenous power of community culture within Vietnamese ethnicities” by Assoc. Prof. Dr Lam Ba Nam (President of Vietnam Association of Ethnology and Anthropology); and “Renovation of the training and study of ethnology by Institute of Ethnology under the influence of Anthropology (2000-2015)” by Assoc. Prof. Dr Vuong Xuan Tinh (President of Institute of Ethnology).

Next, the Conference worked on its main topics:

  • Nguyen Van Huyen and Vietnamese Anthropology in the first half of the 20th century.
  • Social capital and network
  • Rituals and beliefs
  • Ethnic groups and ethnic culture
  • Anthropological training – reality, issues and solutions
  • Anthropological teaching – current situation and further issues
  • Tu Chi in Vietnamese Anthropology in the second half of the 20th century
  • Immigration, livelihood and social changes
  • Cultural heritage, tourism and sustainable development
  • Opportunities and challenges to the study and training of Anthropology in Vietnam during globalization

Author: Thanh Ha

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